Sinus Precautions

If you had a sinus grafting procedure performed, the general postoperative instructions still apply, but several additional points should be emphasized.

  1. Do not blow your nose for 10 days following surgery.
  2. If you sneeze, do so with your mouth OPEN to avoid any unnecessary pressure on the sinus area.
  3. Do not smoke or use smokeless tobacco. Smoking greatly inhibits healing, especially in the sinus graft.
  4. Do not drink liquids through a straw.
  5. Do not lift or pull on your lip to look at your stitches; this may actually create damage and tear the stitches.
  6. Take prescribed antibiotics as directed until finished.
  7. You may have some bleeding from the nose. This not uncommon and should pass quickly.
  8. You may be aware of small granules in your mouth for the next few days, This is not unusal because your graft is mainly made of small particles and some of them may dislodge from the surgery site.

If you feel congested, you may need to use antihistamines or decongestants. If you do, use the over-the-counter products such a Tavist-D® or Dimetapp®. It is also suggested that you avoid nasal sprays, unless they are saline. Most of the time, there is no need for nasal sprays.